rugby ball

Soccer vs Rugby – Which is Better?

Many sports fans around the world are wondering which is the best game to watch. Both rugby union and soccer American football are very similar in that they both involve a ball, but how different …

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international game

What is a Cap in Soccer

The world of soccer is very tricky and many things might not be fully understood by you even if you take pride in being an avid soccer game. One such confusions from the soccer grounds …

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soccer players

What to Eat Before a Soccer Game

Soccer games can be very demanding on the body. Therefore, it is recommended to have a proper meal before the game so that you have enough energy for strenuous activity and can perform at your …

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full game scrimmage

What is Scrimmage in Soccer

How many times you have wanted to be a pro at soccer and wanted to have full grasp on all the terms and concepts that are discussed in soccer? Well, you are not alone. ┬áMany …

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