The Best Insoles For Soccer Cleats in 2023

Using good quality insoles in your soccer shoes can help your feet and how you play. Soccer players often get foot problems like blisters and pain. Good insoles can reduce these problems and make you more comfortable when you play.

Bad insoles can hurt how you play. Without enough cushion and support, you may feel discomfort or get injured. That’s why you need good insoles made for sports. They give your feet what they need to run, kick, and change direction.

When you choose insoles, make sure they fit your shoes properly. This gives maximum comfort and support. Pick insoles made just for soccer shoes so they work for how you use them. Good fit and support are key for soccer shoe insoles.

Taking care of your insoles helps them last. After wearing them, take the insoles out and let them air dry. You can wash them gently with mild soap and water if needed. But don’t use harsh chemicals or high heat because it can damage them.

What Are The Best Insoles For Soccer Cleats?

#1 Superfeet Carbon Insoles

Are you looking for good insoles for your kid’s soccer cleats? Check out Superfeet Carbon insoles. Many say they are the best soccer cleats insoles. They are made to give comfort and help kids play their best.

These insoles have firm arch support and a carbon fiber plate. This gives excellent structure to stop overpronation during cuts and kicks. The deep heel cups also make each step stable, so they work great for players of all ages. Additionally, the front of the insoles absorbs shock. This lowers injury risk, making them top choice for youth players too.

best insoles for youth soccer cleats

Key Features:

  • Firm arch support properly stabilizes feet and prevents fatigue.
  • The carbon plate aids support and foot alignment during intense play.
  • Deep heel cups provide unmatched stability on the field.
  • Shock absorption up front is key to reduce injury risk.


  • Excellent stability
  • Prevent overpronation
  • Absorb shock
  • Boost comfort and performance


  • Some people may find them too rigid at first or need time to adjust to the arch
  • They cost more than some other insoles

#2 Sof Sole Airr Insoles

The Sof Sole Airr insoles are a top choice for soccer shoes. They are made specifically for cleats, including youth sizes. They give the right mix of comfort and support for players of all ages.

what are the best insoles for soccer cleats

These insoles are great at keeping feet cool and dry. They have foam sweat zones to allow air to flow. This keeps feet from overheating during games.

They also cushion feet well for comfort. Gel pads in the heel area provide extra shock absorption from hard landings. This lowers impact to feet.

Despite these features, the insoles stay lightweight. Players who need to be quick and agile can move freely. You won’t feel weighed down.

The Sof Sole Airr checks all the boxes if you want the best soccer cleat insoles. They keep feet cooler, cushion landings, and are comfy yet lightweight. Do note they may not fit all cleat types or sizes though. And some may find them too thick. But overall they are a leading choice.

#3 Powerstep Pinnacle Insoles

For good arch support, look at Powerstep Pinnacle Insoles. They are designed just for soccer, including youth players. They give great arch support for medium to high arches. Their semi-rigid base works well in cleats, providing stability during intense games.

where to buy powerstep pinnacle insoles

These are a top pick if you want the best insoles for kid’s soccer shoes. They have the arch support and comfort young players require to play their very best. They evenly spread weight and reduce pressure on arches. This prevents discomfort and tired feet, which is key for long play.

Additionally, these insoles have antimicrobial properties. This helps with the sweat and moisture soccer players deal with. By stopping odors, they keep feet fresh without bad smells.

The full-length foam conforms closely to the feet. This gives customized cushioning and support needed for top performance on the field.

#4 Vasyli Pro Insoles

The Vasyli Pro Insoles can improve your soccer cleats, especially for youth players. They have medial and lateral stability bars. These help control motion for quick changes of direction on the field. They also absorb shock well and manage sweat, making them a top pick for soccer.

how long do vasyli insoles last

These insoles are designed to give soccer cleats the best support and comfort. Their stability bars brace arches during sharp turns. This gives stability to help avoid injuries. The medial and lateral bars also control foot motion so you can confidently make cuts while playing.

One great feature is premium shock absorption. This reduces impact on feet and joints, lowering the risk of pain or injury. This makes them ideal for players who need protection during intense games or practices.

Additionally, the insoles manage sweat to keep feet more dry and comfortable. This is key for youth players who tend to sweat a lot while running around.

In short, the Vasyli Pro Insoles are a leading choice if you want great insoles for soccer, especially for kids. However, some cons are that they may not fit all shoe sizes and some find them slightly stiff. Also, they cost more than some other brands. But their premium features make most feel the price is justified.

#5 Envelop Full Length Insoles

The Envelop Full Length Insoles are seen as one of the best choices for soccer cleats, especially for young players. They have 5 layers of thick memory foam. This provides great pressure relief and stability. If you wonder what the best soccer cleat insoles are, these are a top contender.

best gel insoles for shoes

Designed to fit perfectly in shoes, they fill gaps between feet and cleats. This reduces pressure and friction. The dense foam means feet are supported and cushioned well so you can play your best.

One reason they are considered a top pick is their moisture-wicking fabric. This keeps the insoles fresh and odor-free, which is key since soccer players’ feet get sweaty during intense games.

In terms of stability, their contoured shape enhances balance. This lets you confidently make quick, agile movements. That’s especially helpful for youth still developing coordination.

#6 Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Insoles

The Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Insoles are seen as one of the best choices for soccer cleats if you want extra heel control. They have a lightweight polypropylene heel stabilizer. This makes them great for both adult and youth players. Their adjustable arch support lets you customize the support level. So they work for players of all ages and abilities. With their excellent stability and flexibility, they are a top pick.

powerstep pinnacle maxx review

For youth soccer, these insoles are considered the best. They provide the support and stability growing feet require to lower injury risk and ensure comfort while playing.

When picking insoles for soccer shoes, the Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx are often recommended. Their lightweight stabilizer and adjustable arch make them a popular choice among players.

Their antimicrobial, moisture-wicking fabric also sets them apart. It keeps feet fresh and dry even during long games or practices.

Buying Guide

Finding the best soccer cleat insoles for you means considering your needs and preferences. Insoles can improve comfort, support, and shock absorption. They can reduce foot pain and injury risk and help you play better. When picking insoles, there are a few key things to think about.

First, consider the cushioning material. Popular options are gel, foam, and memory foam. Each gives different support and softness. These materials provide great comfort during intense games.

Second, check if the arch height suits you. Good soccer insoles often have arch support. This aids stability and prevents overpronation. That’s important for youth players whose feet are still developing.

Getting the right size is crucial too for proper fit. Insoles for adults and kids come in many sizes, so measure your feet and check size charts. Proper fit means better play and comfort on the field.

To make them last, clean insoles regularly with mild soap and let them air dry. This keeps them clean and odor-free for happier feet. Avoid direct sun or heat which can damage them.

Finally, know there are types like full insoles, heel cups, and arch supports. Identify your needs – extra cushioning, heel help or arch stability? A podiatrist can suggest the best match. Consider your needs and pick the best type for you.

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