The Best Soccer Cleats For Turf in 2023

Turf soccer cleats have smaller studs that grip the artificial turf field better. This helps players keep their traction so they can perform their best without getting injured. Turf is harder than grass so you need durable cleats that can withstand the friction. Look for tough synthetic uppers that are built to last through constant use on turf fields.

The cleats also need to be lightweight so you can still move fast and quick on the field. Heavy cleats will slow you down.

Comfort and fit are very important too. Cleats that don’t fit right can cause blisters, pain and even injuries over time. Make sure your cleats fit snug but have enough room to wiggle your toes. A secure fit helps you keep control of the ball better on turf.

Also, the stud pattern needs to grip the turf so you don’t slip when cutting or sprinting. The right traction gives you confidence to play your hardest without worrying about your feet slipping out.

Finding the right balance of durability, weight, comfort, fit and traction is key to choosing quality soccer cleats for playing on artificial turf fields. Keep all these things in mind when you shop for cleats. The right pair helps take your game to the next level on turf.

Top 10 Best Turf Cleats For Soccer

#1 Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Elite

The Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Elite are top soccer cleats for playing on artificial turf. They are designed for speed and agility on turf surfaces. These cleats have an aerodynamic shape to help you move fast and cut through defenders.

The upper is made of a durable, supportive synthetic material that fits snug like a second skin. Nike’s Flyknit technology also makes them flexible to match your foot’s movement. The ACC feature helps you control the ball well on wet or dry turf.

The cleats grip the turf nicely to accelerate fast and turn quickly without slipping. The stud pattern grips for powerful pushes off and lets you change direction dynamically. This makes them excellent soccer cleats for artificial turf play.

Strategic cushioning doesn’t just make them comfy. It gives energy back to your feet for faster strides to outrun opponents.

When you need traction and responsiveness on turf, the Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Elite delivers. They give you the edge you need to elevate your game. Let’s look closer at the key features:

best soccer cleats for artificial turf

Product Specs:

  • Synthetic upper with Flyknit construction
  • Aerotrak zone for traction on artificial turf
  • All Conditions Control (ACC) technology
  • Cushioned insole


  • Lightweight and aerodynamic design
  • Excellent traction
  • Adaptive fit with superior comfort
  • Enhanced ball control in various conditions


  • Premium pricing
  • May require a break-in period
  • Limited colorways compared to other models

#2 Adidas X Speedflow.1

The Adidas X Speedflow.1 cleats are lightweight so you can move very quick on turf fields. The engineered upper fits snug but flexible to let your feet move freely to play your best. The low-cut design with laces locks your feet in securely for stability while still being comfy.

These cleats also help you make smarter moves on turf. The outsole grips for sharp turns and sudden stops without slipping. So you can play aggressive, knowing your traction can keep up. The cushioning also returns energy to your feet to keep you light on your toes.

When picking gear, consider the X Speedflow.1 cleats for their turf performance and bold style. Whether you are a forward who needs to sprint fast or a midfielder running the game, these could give you an edge on turf.

The traction and fit help you dominate the field. If you play on artificial turf, the X Speedflow.1 cleats are made to enhance your quickness and control.

best turf cleats for soccer

Product specs:

  • Lightweight design
  • Engineered upper for flexibility and snug fit
  • Low-cut silhouette with lace closure
  • Traction-optimized outsole
  • Responsive cushioning system


  • Enhances speed and agility
  • Provides stability and secure fit
  • Offers energy return with cushioning
  • Stylish appearance


  • May be at a higher price point than some alternatives
  • Specific fit may not be ideal for all foot types
  • Limited color options compared to some other models

#3 Puma Future Z 1.2

The Puma Future Z 1.2 cleats have an advanced lockdown fit to keep you in control on turf. Their innovative design fits snug yet flexible to handle quick soccer moves, especially on artificial turf. The FUZIONFIT+ compression band custom fits your foot’s shape for great support that turf play demands.

The outsole has strategically placed studs to grip for cutting fast while staying agile. This traction is tailored for high pace and rapid changes of direction. So these perform well as soccer cleats for turf’s fast gameplay.

Comfort matters too. The evoKNIT pro upper feels like a second skin fitting your foot comfortably even during intense play. Good comfort is key for quality cleats.

Stylewise, the Puma Future Z 1.2 looks sleek and eye-catching in bold colors. You’ll stand out for skills and style, which players like in turf cleats. The confident aesthetics make a statement when you take the field.

If you want turf cleats blending innovation, comfort and style – check out the Puma Future Z 1.2.

best soccer cleats for turf fields

Product Specs:

  • FUZIONFIT+ compression band for adaptive fit
  • Dynamic Motion System outsole for traction
  • evoKNIT pro upper for comfort


  • Exceptional lockdown and support
  • Designed for agility and speed on artificial turf
  • Comfortable for extended play


  • May have a break-in period
  • Higher price point compared to some competitors
  • Limited color options available

#4 New Balance Furon v6+

The New Balance Furon v6+ cleats are engineered for precision and power on turf fields. Their lightweight and responsive feel helps you maneuver past defenders with speed and confidence.

These cleats enhance explosive moves with good traction to accelerate and change direction fast. That’s crucial for performance on artificial turf surfaces.

They also lock your foot in place with a snug, supportive fit and straight last. This gives you stability for quick pivots and cuts, which is key for turf play.

The lightweight TPU outsole grips turfs well specifically for agility plays. For shooting, the infiniGRIP insert maximizes power transfer by reducing foot slippage inside.

Durability matters too. These withstand the wear of high-use on synthetic turf so you get your money’s worth over time. Yet they still cushion every step to keep your feet comfy all match long.

If you want to dominate on turf with speed and precision, the Furon v6+ checks the boxes. They’re designed to elevate a player’s game on artificial fields.

New balance furon v6+ review

Product Specs:

  • Lightweight TPU outsole for agility
  • Snug, supportive fit with a re-engineered straight last
  • infiniGRIP insert to reduce foot slippage


  • Enhances explosive movements
  • Provides stability and traction on turf
  • Durable construction with comfort in mind


  • May have a break-in period for some players
  • Price point may be high for budget-conscious athletes
  • Limited colorways compared to other models

#5 Under Armour Magnetico Select

The Under Armour Magnetico Select stands out as top turf cleats for control and precision play. Their thin flexible upper and molded fit feel like a second skin for exceptional ball touch. This tactile feedback is key when picking quality soccer cleats for artificial turf.

These cleats also focus on comfort for prolonged games. Cushioning supports intense play while anti-slip heel lining secures your foot during quick cuts. The stud pattern grips reliably on turf to enable sharp movements.

Durability also sets them apart from most options. Resilient materials withstand turf’s abrasion so you keep flexibility and comfort over time without needing replacements soon. They’re made to last despite heavy use.

The low profile delivers stability without bulk, nice for turf speed demands. Under Armour designed the Magnetico Select as specialized turf cleats purpose-built for artificial grass and they excel as such.

If you want control, comfort and durable performance on turf fields, the Magnetico Select ticks all the boxes.

Under armour magnetico select review

Product Specs:

  • Thin, flexible upper for enhanced ball touch
  • Form-fitting toe box
  • Cushioned insole for comfort
  • Anti-slip heel material
  • Stud pattern designed for turf


  • Exceptional ball control and touch
  • Comfortable fit with support
  • Durable construction
  • Good traction on turf
  • Stability without excess bulk


  • May not be suitable for players who prefer a more traditional, padded cleat
  • Limited color and design options
  • Higher price point compared to some other turf cleats

#6 Mizuno Morelia Neo 3 Beta

The Mizuno Morelia Neo 3 Beta cleats are lightweight to enhance your speed and mobility on turf fields. Having cleats that don’t weigh you down is key for quick cuts and accelerations that artificial turf demands. These give you that agile edge over opponents.

The kangaroo leather upper fits snug like a second skin for exceptional ball control and dribbling precision, which players want from quality turf cleats.

They also deliver comfort for entire games with an anatomically molded insole that aligns with and reduces strain on your foot’s natural shape. The turf-specific stud alignment enhances traction evenly without uncomfortable pressure points. So you get grip for hard lateral movements without slippage fears.

Durability rounds it out. The Neo 3 Betas withstand turf’s punishment through superior stitching and materials that maintain integrity. So they last without needing replacements soon, even with hard use.

Whether amateur or pro, the Neo 3 Betas check the boxes as specialized cleats built to elevate your play on artificial turf fields. Their comfort, ball control and durable traction optimize them for soccer on turf.

mizuno morelia neo 3 beta review

Product specs:

  • Lightweight design
  • Premium kangaroo leather upper
  • Anatomically molded insole
  • Turf-specific soleplate with strategically placed studs


  • Enhances speed and agility
  • Exceptional touch and ball control
  • Comfortable and supportive fit
  • Durable construction


  • Premium materials may come at a higher price point
  • May require a break-in period for optimal comfort
  • Limited colorways compared to other brands

#7 Asics Lethal Testimonial 5 IT

The Asics Lethal Testimonial 5 IT cleats provide great stability on artificial turf to keep your game strong. They’re designed around agile moves and quick acceleration, key for the game turf demands. The lightweight feel prevents weighing you down so your speed stays on point.

Comfort is also a focus. Cushioning softens impact while the snug supportive fit locks feet in place. This prevents sliding blisters, which lesser cleats often struggle with. It checks boxes for quality comfort needed in turf play.

Durability also stands out. Made to handle lots of high-intensity games and training wear-and-tear thanks to premium materials. You won’t be replacing these anytime soon. So they’re a smart performance investment built to last despite heavy use.

With their stability, comfort and durable construction, the Lethal Testimonial 5 ITs deliver as specialized soccer cleats for excelling on artificial turf fields. A top choice for taking command of the turf.

Asics lethal testimonial 5 it review

Product Specs:

  • Innovative stud configuration for stability on artificial turf
  • Lightweight construction
  • Cushioned midsole for comfort on turf fields
  • Supportive fit


  • Enhanced stability
  • Allows for quick turns and acceleration
  • Comfortable and reduced impact on joints
  • Durable and long-lasting material


  • May have a higher price point than some competitors
  • Specific fit may not suit all foot types
  • Limited color and design options compared to other brands

#8 Nike Premier II

The Nike Premier II cleats have a kangaroo leather upper for excellent ball control on turf fields. The supple leather molds to your foot for a personalized fit. And the fold-over tongue provides a clean striking zone without laces in the way.

These cleats also offer reliable traction on turf with their rubber outsoles designed specifically for grip on artificial grass. This lets you make quick cuts and fast sprints with confidence. The lightweight soleplate doesn’t sacrifice stability either.

Comfort factors in too. A full-length TPU plate cushions intense play so your feet stay fresh, not fatigued. This keeps you focused on performance.

Durability also makes the grade with premium leather and sturdy construction to handle season after season of play without wearing out.

The Nike Premier II combines classic style with modern turf-specific performance. A tried and true cleat equipped for today’s artificial fields. If you want leather fit and feel with trusty traction, it fills the role nicely.

Nike premier ii football boots

Product Specs:

  • Kangaroo leather upper
  • Fold-over tongue design
  • Rubber outsole for turf traction
  • Full-length TPU plate for comfort
  • Classic Nike styling


  • Superior ball control due to leather upper,
  • Excellent traction on turf surfaces
  • Durable construction withstands heavy use


  • May require a break-in period
  • Less modern technology compared to newer models
  • Design may not appeal to players seeking a flashy look

#9 Adidas Predator 20.3

The Adidas Predator 20.3 cleats give you unmatched control on turf surfaces with their grippy Demonscale texture. Precision touch and accurate passes become easier with their ball control focus. The mid-cut design stabilizes your ankles while retaining agility for quick cuts.

A snug seamless collar creates a locked-in fit so you feel confident making challenging moves knowing your feet stay firm. The traction is tailored for grip and fast acceleration on artificial grass too. These are made to grab turf and go.

Innovative textures and strategically placed padding add comfort while enhancing touch. The textured upper conforms around your foot while rubber spikes provide cushioning to reduce fatigue through games.

Whether amateur or pro level, the Predator 20.3 cleats boost your play on turf fields. Traction, fit and touch upgrades combine to unlock your full potential out on the artificial grass. Time to be bold and make these your game changers.

Adidas Predator 20.3

Product Specs:

  • Demonscale 3D-print grip
  • Mid-cut design for ankle support
  • Turf optimized outsole
  • Seamless collar for a snug fit
  • Textile upper for comfort


  • Excellent ball control
  • Comfortable fit with good stability
  • Durable construction suited for turf play


  • May not be suitable for players who prefer low-cut cleats
  • Can be on the pricier side compared to other turf cleats
  • Limited color options available

#10 Puma King Platinum 21

The Puma King Platinum 21s offer unmatched touch sensitivity through the thin durable kangaroo leather upper. It molds to your foot like a second skin for maximum comfort and responsiveness. Although it excels at feel, advanced tech also boosts performance.

The lightweight soleplate brings exceptional stability for those quick sprints and cuts on turf. Stud placement specifically grips artificial grass so you can push off aggressively without slipping. An extended heel counter locks in support through intense play too.

Longevity finishes the package. These withstand regular turf use thanks to sturdy construction. No need to replace them soon even with frequent games.

With the comfort, traction and durability covered, the King Platinum 21s shine as specialized soccer cleats built to elevate play on modern turf fields. The close-touch feel combined with performance features make them a top choice.

Puma king platinum 21 review

Product specs:

  • Thin kangaroo leather upper
  • Lightweight soleplate for stability
  • Strategically placed studs
  • Extended heel counter for support


  • Exceptional touch sensitivity
  • Conforms to foot
  • Durable construction suitable


  • Premium material may come at a higher cost
  • May require a break-in period for optimal comfort
  • Limited color options compared to other models

With the Puma King Platinum 21s, you can be confident that you’re wearing some of the best soccer cleats, designed to elevate your game and deliver peak performance on the pitch.

Buying Guide

Key Factors to Consider

Choosing the right cleats is key to playing your best on turf fields. Focus on four things:

  1. Traction pattern – Grips artificial turf specifically
  2. Upper material – Provides stability and ball control
  3. Weight vs Durability – Lightweight but still durable
  4. Fit and Comfort – Proper fit enhances control and fun

The studs must grip turf for cutting and sprints. The upper impacts touch and balance. Find cleats durable enough for a whole season but still light. And get the right fit because it improves how you control the ball and how enjoyable the games are.

Keep these four factors in mind when picking soccer cleats for artificial fields. They make the difference in performing at your highest level.

Traction Pattern

The studs on your cleats are key for grip on turf. To pick the best traction:

  1. Stud shape – Conical studs rotate and release easier. Bladed studs are more aggressive.
  2. Stud spacing – Even distribution improves stability.
  3. Stud length – Shorter studs prevent over-penetrating turf which causes injuries.
  4. Soleplate flexibility – Allows natural foot movement so your gear works with you.

The right stud pattern gives you confidence in quick cuts and sprints without slipping. It also prevents injury. Choose cleats with turf-specific traction features for optimal performance.

Upper Material

Quality turf cleats have durable yet comfortable uppers. Common choices include:

  • Synthetic leathers – Lightweight with soft touch for control
  • Advanced textiles – Enhance breathability to keep feet cool

A snug fit matters too. Stretchy moldable materials provide better stability and ball control which is key for turf play.

Also consider water resistance for damp fields.

The best materials are both tough and soft. They need to withstand turf punishment but keep sensitive touch for passing/shooting accuracy.

Having the right upper makes sure your feet stay protected yet responsive. This boosts comfort and performance whether grass or artificial turf. Don’t overlook it.


Durability matters for cleats that get heavy use on abrasive turf fields. Make sure yours will last with:

  1. Quality stitching – Holds shoes together when put under stress
  2. Resilient upper material – Withstands scuffs and friction
  3. Tough sole plate – Provides stable base and sturdy studs
  4. Reinforced wear zones – Extra protection in high-impact areas

When cleats stay intact, your confidence and performance do too. Durability equals reliability for many wins on turf in the seasons ahead. Don’t take it lightly when picking your next pair.


Weight affects speed and nimble moves, so it’s key for turf cleats. But durability still matters to handle turf demands. Find the right balance.

Lighter shoes improve maneuverability – quicker changes of direction and faster acceleration. But some extra weight can provide needed support and cushioning.

Aim for cleats that feel like a natural extension of your foot. The best weight depends on your position and style. Just get the lightest ones that still give you the protection and performance your game requires.

In the fast pace of soccer, a few extra ounces can hinder your quick cuts and sprints. So consider weight but keep durability in mind too when picking the ideal cleats for your needs on artificial fields.

Fit and Comfort

Getting the right fit and comfort is key for top play on turf fields. Look for cleats that:

  1. Have contoured insoles – Cradles feet to reduce fatigue
  2. Adaptive uppers – Conform to your foot’s shape for better touch
  3. Secure lockdown – Holds feet firmly in place for precision
  4. Breathable fabric – Keeps feet cool and dry all game

You want snug cleats that feel like a second skin, not a distraction. Features like customized support, durability, and breathability take comfort and lockdown fit to the next level.

Don’t neglect this aspect when shopping. Dialed in comfort and fit enhance your entire time on the artificial grass through less fatigue, better ball control and stability.

Price Point

Comfort matters, but affordability plays a big role too when picking turf cleats. You don’t need the priciest to get quality. Prices range widely – from under $50 to over $200.

Balance cost and quality. Moderately priced cleats around $100 can provide better value than going cheap or expensive. Check sales and last season’s models for deals.

Remember, the best cleats fit your budget while still offering the traction, support and durability that turf demands.

Focus on features for synthetic grass when choosing in your price range. Even basic turf cleats improve performance and foot health over running shoes.

Get the most comfort, stability and longevity you can afford. With the right balance, you don’t need fancy cleats to excel on artificial fields.

Determining The Right Cleats For Your Playing Position/Style

Your position and style impacts the type of turf cleats that work best.

  • Forwards need lightweight traction for explosive sprints and quick stops.
  • Midfielders want comfort and agility to pivot and turn all game.
  • Defenders require stability from sturdy cleats with ankle support to stand ground.
  • Goalkeepers need non-slip soles and flexibility for lateral dives and stretches.

Don’t just choose looks or brands. Find cleats tailored to your role that enhance how you uniquely play on turf. The right features that match your style let you excel at your position.

Know if you need speed, comfort, stability or traction cleats. Then get the best soccer cleats for turf that align with the demands to take your game up a level.

Trying on Cleats For Proper Fit

Trying on turf cleats ensures getting the right snug fit for comfort and injury prevention. Follow key tips:

  • Shop later in the day when feet are most swollen
  • Wear your athletic socks and orthotics/insoles
  • Cleats should feel secure without slipping with laces tied
  • Have about a thumb’s width space at toes (not too tight or loose)
  • Walk around, pivot, jog, and flex feet in them
  • Make sure no pinching or discomfort spots

Don’t neglect this. The correct supportive fit enhances performance on artificial fields. With a proper in-person fitting, you find the best soccer cleats for your feet and turf play.

Taking Care of Your Turf Cleats For Longevity

Taking care of your turf cleats helps them last longer at peak performance. Follow these maintenance tips:

  1. Clean after every use – Gently wash dirt off and air dry out of sunlight
  2. Store properly – Keep in a cool, dry place out of extreme temps
  3. Rotate pairs – Alternate cleats between games to spread out wear
  4. Use as intended – Only play on turf fields to prevent excess abrasion

Treat your cleats well and they’ll support your game for many seasons ahead. Some simple upkeep goes a long way towards extending quality and longevity over the long term.

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