The Best Women’s Soccer Cleats of 2023

You know the fun of playing soccer starts with having good cleats. Picking the right soccer cleats for women is key. You want ones that fit well, have the right studs, and are made of good material to play your best.

This guide shares our top picks for women’s soccer cleats and what to look for. It will help you be ready for your next game. Whether you need the best cleats for soccer or for outdoors, we’ve got suggestions.

We picked cleats made specially for women to be comfy and work well. We have the best female soccer cleats for all playing types. We help you find the right women’s soccer cleats for you.

Get ready to play your best soccer with top women’s cleats on your feet!

The 10 Best Cleats For Women’s Soccer

Let’s dive into the top best women’s soccer cleats of the year, ensuring your feet are outfitted with the best on the field.

#1 Nike Mercurial Superfly Elite FG

best soccer cleats for women's


You’ll feel the difference right away when you wear the Nike Mercurial Superfly Elite soccer cleats.

They are lightweight and shaped to fit the foot well. The strong carbon fiber bottom also helps.

These cleats feel like part of your foot. They fit snug to match your foot’s shape. This helps you kick better and move fast without slipping.

The carbon fiber bottom is great. It’s sturdy for fast running but still very light. They balance speed, comfort and performance.

With the carbon fiber, they’re also durable for outdoor use.

If you’re looking for top women’s soccer cleats, the Nike Mercurial Elites stand out.

#2 Adidas X Ghosted .1 FG

women best soccer cleats

The Adidas X Ghosted soccer cleats offer lightweight women’s cleats for excellent field play.

The “speedskin” upper makes them extra light. It fits like a sock to improve your kicks. This design helps you move faster while controlling the ball better. So in these fast cleats, you can outrun others.

The snug fit wraps your foot without extra weight. It’s like a second skin that moves with you to kick from any angle. These top women’s cleats give your feet high-tech precision to win.

So the Adidas X Ghosteds give the best outdoor grip. But they also work well on grass to provide quality women’s soccer cleats.

In the end, they give all players a chance to have top-level cleats out there!

#3 Puma Future Z 1.2 Netfit FG/AG

womens best soccer cleats

In 2023, the Puma Future Z 1.2 soccer cleats improve your play with a special Netfit lacing system. This lets you customize the fit for your foot shape and style.

The Netfit laces let you adjust tightness and comfort precisely. But the cleats stay super lightweight, great for fast play without extra weight. The Nylon and Pebax plate underneath balances flexible durability too. This responsiveness keeps you quick on the field.

With the smart design and performance, the Puma Future Z 1.2 leads this year’s soccer gear. Especially if you want top outdoor traction.

Whether training or competing, the Puma Future Z 1.2 brings your game up a level.

#4 New Balance Furon v6+ Elite FG

best cleats for women's soccer

The New Balance Furon v6+ Elite soccer cleats have key features to be top women’s cleats.

The fresh foam midsole cushions landings but stays responsive for quick moves. This keeps you comfy making sharp cuts in these cleats.

The kinetic stitch upper hugs your foot tightly to enable stable sprints. This lockdown fit helps make quick cuts.

Also, the studs give explosive acceleration to burst past defenders with ease.

Everything works together to build your confidence and skills on the field with premium women’s gear.

Whether the pitch is lush or rough, these cleats optimize performance.

As some of the best outdoor traction cleats, the Furons ensure you have quality women’s soccer cleats to up your game. That’s why they rank as top women’s soccer cleats.

#5 Under Armour Magnetico Select FG

best female soccer cleats

The Under Armour Magnetico Select soccer cleats stand out as top women’s cleats. They have a 3D printed upper that hugs your foot without extra weight.

This high-tech material not only feels comfortable but also helps control the ball well for game-changing kicks.

These cleats stay lightweight when you need quick bursts to the goal.

Also, the 360-degree hub studs give unmatched traction for fast multi-directional cuts. So you can pivot, turn and accelerate with control, knowing these top female cleats support all your moves.

Truly built for peak play, the Magnetico Select has top-tier outdoor grip. It’s a prime choice for quality women’s soccer gear out there.

#6 Mizuno Morelia Neo 3 Beta FG

best outdoor soccer cleats

The Mizuno Morelia Neo 3 Beta soccer cleats rank among the top women’s options. They use a durable Kurim upper material and 12 optimized studs for great traction without excess weight.

Good soccer cleats need to be sturdy yet flexible for quick play. These Mizunos deliver that.

The 12 strategic studs grip natural firm ground so you can sprint and pivot stably. This makes them excellent outdoor cleats. The stability aids fast moves needed in quality women’s gear.

And lightness doesn’t just prevent fatigue. It also provides a speed edge against opponents. Blending these features, the Morelia Neo 3 Betas often rank as ideal women’s soccer cleats.

They reliably empower female players to excel by merging the elements of premium female gear.

#7 Nike Phantom GT2 Elite FG

best women's cleats for soccer

The Nike Phantom GT2 Elite soccer cleats have top features for women’s play. They use innovative Flyknit material, ghost lacing, and a carbon plate.

The Flyknit shapes to your foot like a sock for comfort moving on the field. This makes them standout women’s cleats.

The hidden ghost lacing clears space to enhance ball touch and control. So many see them as ideal women’s soccer cleats.

Underneath, the springy carbon plate boosts speed for blazing runs. These cleats excel on grass or turf.

Together these elements provide a customized, stable fit to elevate your play. That’s why they rank as premium female gear.

Whether on natural or artificial fields, the Nike Phantoms help you shine. They blend tech and comfort at a serious level.

Many players would agree – for peak field performance, these are the top women’s cleats out there.

#8 Adidas Predator Edge .3 FG

the best womens soccer cleats

The Adidas Predator Edge .3 soccer cleats are considered top women’s gear. Their distinct features like Demonskin spikes enhance plays, while staying lightweight and comfortable.

The Demonskin tech improves ball grip for curving shots and strikes. As quality outdoor traction cleats, they don’t weigh you down when sprinting either.

Also, the Primeknit upper adapts to your foot for a sock-like yet supportive fit. It blends tight security with flexible freedom of motion.

With these advantages, the Adidas Predators help female players elevate their game. Making sharp cuts or fast runs, they offer an edge out there.

Whether you want the best female cleats or general women’s soccer cleats, the Predator Edge .3 is a leading choice. It stands out as premium footwear for the ambitious player.

#9 Puma Ultra 1.3 FG/AG

puma ultra unisport

With the Puma Ultra 1.3 soccer cleats, considered top women’s options, comfort and control come from key features.

The GripControl Pro outsole ensures maximum ball command in all field conditions. The patterned grip helps accelerate in a split-second, vital in quality outdoor traction.

The MatryxEVO woven upper stays lightweight like a second skin. This gives unmatched support without limiting nimble moves, ideal traits of premium women’s cleats.

And the adaptive shape molds precisely to your foot for a bespoke, locked-in feel. This custom fit enables confident, precise play, which defines the best gear for female players.

Together these components elevate control and mobility to empower your best performances out there.

#10 Diadora Brasil OG Match Winner RR

Diadora Brasil OG Match Winner RR

Experience premium full-grain kangaroo leather with the Diadora Brasil Match Winner cleats – considered top quality women’s soccer cleats.

The plush material molds to your foot for unmatched comfort controlling the ball. So they become ideal cleats for female players. You’ll also appreciate the classic style honoring soccer history.

And it’s not just looks – the 11 studs strategically enhance traction and maneuverability on firm natural grass. They enable confident pivots, sprints and stops that define premier outdoor traction.

With sophistication meeting performance, the Diadora Brasils empower your best games, which is why many see them as pinnacle women’s soccer gear out there.

Buying Guide

Before buying top women’s soccer cleats, think about where you’ll play most. Consider fit, material, and tech to find the perfect pair for your feet and budget.

If playing on grass, focus on quality outdoor traction cleats. For artificial turf, find cleats made for that. The best women’s gear brings comfort plus better field play.

Make sure any top female cleats match your foot shape and how you play too. Don’t just fit the surface type.

Take time exploring all the quality options. The right cleats for your game will help you excel out there!

Determining Intended Use (Firm Ground, Artificial Grass etc.)

Picking the best 2023 women’s soccer cleats depends on where you play most. Cleats marked “FG” have molded studs to grip natural firm ground grass. They become your ideal outdoor traction gear for dry fields.

For artificial grass, get cleats labeled “AG” – these have shorter studs to avoid injuries from too much grip on turf.

And for indoor or hard surfaces, look for cleats marked “IN” or “HG”. They have flat bottoms for maximum indoor floor traction.

So know your main field type, then find the matching cleats designed to enable your best plays out there!

Factors to Consider

The materials of women’s soccer cleats really affect your play. Look for stud patterns and weight that match how you perform.

For best results, women’s cleats should feel very comfortable. So before picking a pair, check the fit and traction.

If playing indoor or needing outdoor grip, quality female gear supports and controls play. Make sure any cleats handle soccer’s demands so you can shine.

With footwear made for the game, you’ll be ready to take on anything out there!

Upper Material (Leather, Knit, Synthetic)

When picking upper materials for women’s cleats – leather, knit or synthetic – consider touch, durability and comfort.

Leather, often in top women’s cleats, feels classic and molds to your foot. Knit, in many quality cleats, offers flexibility like socks. Synthetics, common in outdoor traction gear, are weather-proof yet light.

Choose what improves your play and handles wear and tear. Any premier female cleats or general women’s soccer cleats should aid performance.

Whether opting for leather, synthetic or another material, always get cleats meeting your needs out on the pitch!

Stud Pattern And Configuration

When reviewing women’s soccer cleats, check the studs and plates for good field traction and agility.

Bladed studs can enable speed, great for fast players. Conical ones boost stability more.

The layout depends on where you play. Firm ground plates differ from soft and artificial turf gear.

Choose plates and studs that match where you play and how you perform. This ensures quality women’s footwear.

Whether seeking premium female cleats specifically or women’s cleats generally, find the ideal combo of stud type and sole pattern. This allows your best game out there.


After checking stud layout, look at the weight for staying comfy and nimble during play. Lighter women’s cleats boost speed and reduce tiredness over time. But don’t give up durability just to shed a few ounces. Find a weight matching your position and style. This brings you closer to ideal women’s gear for the field.

If you need top outdoor grip or just women’s soccer cleats generally, premium female ones blend light design with resilience. Remember – finding that “just right” pair enhances joy and performance out there!

Fit And Comfort

Along with weight and durability, a perfect fit and comfort are key in women’s cleats. Look for snugness around the foot without pressure points. Quality options have cushioned insoles and flexible uppers for comfort.

Always try cleats on with socks for a true fit. Whether hunting for women’s field cleats or outdoor traction, don’t overlook comfort. Premier female gear will feel great immediately.

For the right pick, choose cleats promising performance AND enjoyable wear. This allows complete game focus with ideal footwear out there!

Traction And Grip

After finding comfortable soccer cleats for women, check the studs and plates for good field traction. Look for sturdy, purposeful studs matching where you play – firm natural grass, turf or soft ground. Proper grip prevents slipping and maintains speed and agility, making traction vital in quality female gear.

Pick outdoor traction cleats or general women’s options catering to female players specifically. The best account for women’s foot shape and play.

Consider your personal needs and field type when selecting gear. Women’s cleats designed for the game empower you to shine out there!


Besides traction, consider durability so cleats last through tough games over time. Seek strong leathers or synthetics with reinforced stitching. Premier women’s options have robust soles and good warranties too. Sturdy cleats save money long-term.

When evaluating pairs, durability ensures sound investments into quality play. The best for female players offer longevity to enable peak performance – on grass or indoor turf.

Always select durable options from trusted brands. This brings you the top tier women’s soccer gear that withstands your best plays out there!

Trying on In-Store vs. Ordering Online

Trying cleats in-store immediately shows fit and feel, crucial for finding quality women’s options suiting your play. In-store you can walk around and sense any discomfort, ensuring you get ideal footwear. However, the variety is limited to what’s locally available.

Online opens up endless soccer cleat brands, models and sizes not in your area. But you can’t try them first, which is a catch. Before buying, check return policies, seeking free send-backs. This makes online purchase less risky. And measure your feet first since sizing varies across brands – even on the best women’s soccer gear out there!

Taking Care of Your Cleats

Once you’ve found the perfect women’s soccer cleats either online or in-store, cleaning and care keeps them playing their best. Brush off dirt and grass after games before they stain. For mud, hand wash gently with mild soap and let air dry – don’t machine wash.

Never store muddy or wet, as moisture deteriorates material. Don’t use heat to speed dry either. High temps can harm soccer cleats.

Try rotating two pairs to rest the cushioning between games. This minor habit dramatically extends the usable life of your outdoor traction gear or turf shoes – saving you money long term on replacements!

Budget And Pricing Options

When selecting ideal women’s soccer cleats, consider varying price points to meet your budget. Entry versions around $30 offer basic function without fancy extras – good for beginners trying out gear.

Mid-range, from $50 to $100, balances quality and cost. You get improved materials and construction to elevate play, without overspending. This suits players wanting performance plus value.

Top-tier pairs exceeding $200 feature premium elements like tech and maximum comfort. However, the priciest aren’t necessarily best for you or your position. Shop smartly, read reviews. Make an informed decision based on fit and play style.

For any budget, properly invest time into finding your match. Whether needing outdoor traction for grass or options for turf, the right cleats ensure better safety and field experience!

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