How to Juggle a Soccer Ball

Knowing everything on how to juggle a soccer ball and excellent ball control can be a great idea for any soccer player or fan .

The basics of juggling soccer ball is simple and can be followed by anyone as this is done with the left foot mostly. The best method to learn to juggle a ball would be first having two or more players pass the ball around, keeping it in motion between them. The idea is for the group to keep passing the ball back and forth between each other, each player using only their feet to touch the ball around once before passing it along.

The initial stage of learning how to juggle a soccer ball is for everyone in your group of players to keep track on which foot they are using during the round. But keep reading this guide on how can you juggle soccer ball for a better idea on how to achieve perfection in it:

What Does It Mean to Juggle Soccer Balls?

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If you are truly wondering what does it mean to juggle a ball, then here’s your answer.

Juggling, when it comes to soccer, is when the player keeps the ball in motion around them when they are controlling their feet rather than using their hands or head to touch the ball. This has been used by players throughout history as this technique is used as a way to keep the ball from being stolen by the opposition.

How to Juggle a Ball?

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Below, this guide will teach you how to juggle a soccer ball.

As stated before, the best method of learning how to juggle a soccer ball is by having at least two players pass the ball back and forth while keeping track on which foot they are using with the guidance of an expert. After this is ensured, here are the steps to go about:

  1. The first step of learning how to juggle a soccer ball is to always have someone help you as they give the ball to you. This will be an easier time for those just starting as the player has two feet that they can use.
  2. As soon as you’ve been given the ball from your teammate, kick it up into the air with the foot that you are most comfortable with. Ensure that this is a quick kick and then move onto the next step.
  3. The second step in how to juggle a soccer ball is finding out which leg to use after your first kick of it up into the air. After the first touch, the player should try using a different foot for a second or third touch to keep their senses going while learning how to do so properly.
  4. The final step is learning when and where it’s best for you touch the ball around for each pass back and forth between teammates. Players need to know when they can take control of the ball again as well as keeping eye on their own team members to make sure they are in the right place.

When you become more experienced with this move, it is much easier to do as practice makes perfect. The key is to keep practicing how to juggle a soccer ball around until you have perfected the move and can use it during your games.

How Long Does It Take to Learn to Juggle a Ball?

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It can take as long as a practice session or as little as a few minutes for one to learn how to juggle a soccer ball. It really varies from person to person, but if you constantly work on it and never give up, then mastering this trick will be a piece of cake after time!

Best Juggling And Ball Control Tips And Tricks For Soccer Players

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In case you are looking for ways to improve your skills as a soccer player and are a one of beginner jugglers, then here is a guide that will give you some helpful tips and tricks on how to do it.

  1. The first tip is learning the basic technique of juggling a ball by going through these steps listed above. Once you have gotten this down, other moves can be mastered much easier as well as adding your own twist on them and having body control!
  2. The second tip is using this move not only during practice but during the games as well and by using alternate feet. While still keeping several players behind the ball at all times, being able to take control from time to time will save many goals from being made against your team!
  3. Another good tip is experimenting types when you want to professionally juggle a ball. Not only does this help you improve your skills, but it can also prepare you for different types of opponents that may not be as familiar with how to do the trick!
  4. It is essential to know when to continue juggling or not doing the move during actual play. You don’t want to waste this special trick that needs time and determination if you are up by several goals already in the game!
  5. Make sure you use all parts of your body and feet during a juggling trick. This will help you to keep your focus going and also improve your coordination as well as the muscles in your body!
  6. Practice your skills to juggle ball skills at least thrice or four times per week to become a good juggler. You can even do it more frequently if you want, but just make sure that you don’t do it too frequently so that you are not running yourself ragged without realizing it.
  7. Finally, have fun! There really is no point of practicing this trick if you are not having fun while doing it. If you love something, you will put your heart and soul into it more easily…and learn how to juggle a soccer ball in no time!

Why is It Advisable Not to Use The Dominant Foot Always When Juggling?

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In case you are wondering whether using the dominant foot all the time while juggling a ball is a wise idea or not, then it is not. Always try to use both your left foot and right foot so none of these becomes the dominant one.

Using your dominant foot for this trick over and over again can cause several injuries to your body such as sprained ankles, hamstring pulls and groin issues. There are many different kinds of players when it comes to soccer, so it is best to use both feet in different ways when you attempt to juggle a ball.

What is The Best Way to Learn How to Juggle a Ball?

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Learning how to juggle a soccer ball takes time and patience, but with these tips listed above, you will be able to do it like a pro in no time!

When learning how to juggle a soccer ball, it is essential that you have space and no distractions around you. There is nothing worse than trying to learn this skill when there are people walking past or loud noises going on all around you. You also need to make sure that your body is warmed up before practicing so you don’t injure yourself while trying to learn how to juggle a soccer ball.

The first step in learning this trick is getting the right equipment and keeping an eye on your teams previous record. Make sure that you are wearing the proper shoes when taking part in this exercise, but don’t worry about buying an expensive pair of cleats or anything like that. You can actually go down to your local sporting goods store and get an inexpensive pair of soccer shoes for this trick.

What to Do When Juggling a Ball With Your Feet?

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When you are juggling a ball with your feet, it is good to keep in mind that the best way to do so is by always having one control touch. By having just one control touch when performing this trick, you will be able to avoid any injuries that could occur from using both feet together.

Soccer Juggling Tips to Teach to Your Soccer Team

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It is a good idea to teach juggling a ball bounce to your entire team if you are the coach. This trick will not only impress fans while playing in actual games, but also help them with their coordination and control skills on the field and flat surface.

Here are some tips if you’re a coach and want to teach juggling to your team:

  1. Your team must understand that this is not an easy trick to learn, so they will have to practice hard if they want to do it well.
  2. Practice makes perfect when learning how to juggle a soccer ball and your players need lots of repetition and patience before they can master this skill successfully and figure out their weaker foot.
  3. There should be no distractions during the time your practice juggling so everyone’s focus can be solely dedicated on how to juggle a soccer ball without any problems.
  4. Make sure the environment is safe to practice juggling such as having enough space around you when you kick the ball and aren’t having people walking by or anything like that since it may cause you to lose control over the ball accidentally which could lead to injuries.
  5. Be sure not to practice when it is wet outside or when the ground is too hard which could also cause injuries if you lose focus and control over the ball or when the ball goes above chest height.
  6. In order to keep your soccer players from getting injured, make sure that they rest if needed before practicing how to juggle a soccer ball again after a long break from it since this trick can be very strenuous on your lower extremities.
  7. Encourage everyone to have fun while learning how to juggle a soccer ball and remember that there is no point in doing this unless you are having a good time doing it!
  8. As previously mentioned, you need lots of patience when trying to learn how to juggle a soccer ball since this takes time and practice no matter who you are.
  9. As long as you follow these tips listed above, your soccer players will be juggling like a pro in no time!


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Juggling a ball isn’t hard to master if you have enough room and patience. It is a good idea to practice this trick outside so there are no distractions around you and the ground won’t be too wet or slippery from rain, etc.

When learning how to juggle a soccer ball, it is important that you have one control touch with your feet since it will prevent injuries from happening which could stop your juggling practice altogether. Juggling takes time and effort but the end result of mastering this skill will definitely be worth it in the end!

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