Why Do Soccer Players Wear Bras?

“Hahahahah. Why are these soccer players wearing sports bras?”

Lately, this has been a burning question and fans cannot seem to wrap their heads around the fact that the male soccer players are wearing sports bras over their shirts. Well, if you have had such a question too, you have landed at the right place.

This article will answer your question by taking an in-depth look into why this practice has become common. So buckle up and read on to find out more about the bras that soccer teams are wearing recently.

Do Male Soccer Players Really Wear a Sports Bra Over Their Shirts?

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Well, while it might seem so, the answer is, No! Soccer teams do not wear bras.

The “bras” that the players are wearing over their shirts are in reality athletics vests that are used to hold GPS trackers. It is just their look and cut that makes them look like bras.

These vests are very important for soccer teams as they are used to measure fitness levels of individuals on the team. The use of GPS device helps coaches monitor how much distance players cover during a game and after that compare it with their opponents’. This information can help them understand if they are getting tired fast or not. It also gives an idea about how fit they need to be in order to beat their competitors.

The GPS tracker is worn underneath the bra like clothe so you cannot see them unless you really know where exactly to look. They come in different colors too so the color does not indicate anything either.

So, there you have it! That’s why soccer players wear athletics vests over their shirts.

Why do soccer players wear these GPS vests though? What is the point of wearing them and why can’t they measure fitness levels and monitor distances covered and such by using technology like sensors instead?

Well, there are many reasons for this. Let us take a look.

1. Unobtrusive

One advantage about these GPS trackers is that they are very small in size which makes them totally unobtrusive to the users (the players). The fact that they don’t stand out means that the players do not feel conscious while wearing them since it won’t be visible to anyone else anyways. That’s why most of the soccer teams prefer GPS trackers over other alternatives.

2. Accurate Location Tracking

Another great thing about these trackers is that they can track the player’s position with great accuracy. They do not depend on satellites like GPS system which is why you won’t see any kind of delay even in cases where there are tall buildings obstructing them or when players are indoors.

3. Easy to Use

These trackers are very easy to use and even if players have no experience before using them, they will be able to get the feel for it right away because of their user-friendly interface. The display screen too is very clear so everyone including new users can understand it easily.

That’s one reason why so many teams prefer this method over anything else available to measure fitness levels and monitor distance covered by the team members during a game.

Why Do These Tracker Holding Devices Look Like Bras?

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The GPS tracker holding devices that players use in the game as well as during the training session, which is also called a GK Vest, is very tight when you look at them from outside. It looks like a bra because of the appearance given due to the shape and size it has been designed in.

Coming to its color, most manufacturers choose contrasting colors for their vests so that they can be easily distinguished on the field. Any light colored vest will show up well on darker sports jerseys and vice versa.

What Are The Benefits of Using a GPS Tracker For Soccer Players?

What are the benefits of using a GPS tracker for soccer players? There are many advantages. Let us look at them one by one.

1. Enhances Performance

The use of such devices helps in increasing performance and improving fitness levels both during the training session and the actual game because it allows coaches to train players properly. If they know how much distance is covered by specific individual, then they can determine how much effort that player needs to put in or what kind of training he/she requires. This way, you will be able to bring out the best in each and every player on the team which helps improve everyone’s game and enhances overall performance of the squad as well.

2. Measures Players’ Fitness Levels & Fatigue

These devices help measure fitness levels and fatigue among players. This way, the coach can tell when to rest specific players for a while so that they don’t get exhausted or stay in the game. Players need breaks too because of their nature of work which is why keeping track of everything helps in managing time and take right decisions at right times.

3. Increases Speed & Agility

GPS devices help increase speed and agility among players because they are able to accurately monitor distance covered by each player during the game using their GPS tracker vests. If you know how much distance has been covered by each player, then you will be able to figure out what speeds he/she is moving at during the game which ultimately affects their gameplay without them even knowing it!

4. Allows For Better Team Management And Strategy

The use of such trackers allows for better team management and strategy. You will be able to analyze where you are at your best or worst, what kind of tactics works against specific opponents, etc. This helps in taking the right decisions which is why players can play with confidence because they know that their coach has got all the data at his/her fingertips!

That’s why so many soccer teams prefer these tracker devices over anything else. If you are a soccer player or if people close to you are part of any soccer team, then this will prove to be very useful information for them. There is no better way to motivate yourself than knowing how much distance you cover during practice on an average which leads to improvement week on week. With so many benefits, GPS devices have become a must have accessory for every soccer player.

Are There Any Side-Effects of Wearing GPS Tracking Device in Vests?

If you ask about the cons of using such devices, then there is very little if we go by all the research and findings. There are many benefits and not many drawbacks to this method which is why it’s fast becoming popular among team owners, managers, coaches, etc.

One thing that people complain about sometimes is the tight fit of these tracker vests- something which can be easily fixed by ordering a custom device for your needs!

As long as you order one with everything you need in it or customize it yourself, then there is no problem with wearing them during games or practice sessions at all.

GPS Trackers-Like Sports Bras Are Now Being Used to Monitor Other Sports Too!

Do you know that trackers are now being used to monitor other sports like cycling, rowing, running, etc.? It’s not just for soccer anymore and it’s proving to be very effective in every way.

Many of these devices are so advanced that they can even measure things like how much stress you are under while playing a game or how quickly you recover after each point is over.

There are so many benefits of using trackers during practice sessions or games- both for individual players as well as the whole team.


With this, we hope that all your queries on why do soccer players wear brassieres are clarified. Wearing GPS trackers has become a common practice among players because of all the benefits it offers.

Not just soccer players, but these devices are now being used to monitor other sports like cycling, rowing, running etc. So, you can understand how beneficial tracking your game is for improving it as well as getting the most out of your workout sessions!

With changing times and new advancements in technology, sports have been revolutionized completely with every sport seeing some changes due to this.

While making decision on what equipment to buy it is important that you look at the advantages and disadvantages by weighing both sides carefully before deciding whether a certain piece of equipment is worth investing in or not.

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